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Going away on holiday is the best. Planning, however, not so much. Especially if you’re a busy professional with a family and better things to do than research destinations for hours, reading reviews and comparing prices. It’s time consuming and spoils half the fun.

Whether you’re planning a holiday or a business trip, let me help you. I travelled the world extensively for 6 years, slept in hotels each night of those 6 years, organised day trips and excursions for clients. I then went on to open my own on-line agency and created tailor-made tour packages: believe me, I know the tricks of this trade!

Give me your dream destination, your budget, your idea of fun and I will research a couple of itineraries for you, complete with things to do and places to stay.

Please note, I am not a travel agency, so I will do the dirty work and you’ll just need to do the final booking.


€14 for 3 days :

Includes : 2 x itineraries, transport, several accommodation options, activities and possible visits.

€28 for a week

€40 for 2 weeks +€4 per day therafter.