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This is me, Gwendolyne. A Franco - South African - British, well, pretty much an international globe trotting professional with great language skills!

I started my professional career in Paris, working as an assistant editor for a documentary TV channel. I then travelled the world for 6 years as a tour leader, which pretty much taught me everything from accounting to diplomatic relations… It was amazing, and gave me the self-discipline to work efficiently, under pressure, from just about anywhere in the world.

I then settled in South Africa where I started a woman’s cooperative, trying to create jobs for the lovely ladies of my little village: being based in a remote rural part of south Africa, I soon learned how to develop my business online and reach the world without leaving home. I grew the business so much that we started exporting our product within a few years.

I am currently living in France where I decided to come for a few years for my 2 lovely daughters to learn French.

I have decided to share my experience in business development and administration and offer my services to you entrepreneurs and business owners who just don’t have the time to spend on this time consuming, yet crucial aspect of growing your business.

My translations skills come naturally, it started off as a favour for friends and family but quickly became another service for me to offer professionally, and one I thoroughly enjoy too!


Please contact me for a quote or advice on any of the services I may help you with, I’m available and don’t know the meaning of too much work!!!




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